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The height of this moonth’s cycle comes with the full moon arriving in the early morning hours of Monday, November 30th (exact at 4:29am ET), and offers a revelation about how the lunar energies initiated on the November 14th/15th new moon are developing. The new moon, guided by its association with Death, invited us to dream our way through the endings in our lives. Out of the full moon revelation about this developing energy, we are issued an invitation to return a gift to the world in the final weeks of the lunar cycle.

The exact moment of the moon’s fullness comes in the sign of Gemini associated with the Tarot’s Major Arcana Lovers. As Death meets up with the Lovers, our beliefs about death may be challenged and possibly change by Love’s renewing power.

As you have probably noticed the weaving of Death and Love is one of those themes that I keep circling back to. It is a fertile obsession. And last week I continue the weaving in the next of my—what to call them? literary self-help?—pieces that I am writing. The theme is rituals and rites for we living to accompany the dead in the first 49 days after their death. The marking of time is inspired  by Buddhist tradition, but the practices I undertake are not orthodox to any tradition. This summer I improvised my way on a river walk with my mother’s ashes, for example. As always, my experiences with my late partner John as the seed of the story. These lines are from my reflecting on how the 49 days changed both John and me seem to spring directly from a Death encounter with the Lovers:

I sense that attending John’s journey with ritual and prayer opened a doorway for him. After the 49 days, through the first year, and into all the subsequent years falling one after another, I have continued to feel his presence—in a dynamic way, not a static way. He changes. I’ve got no proof for you, only reports of dreams and shifting in my inner world. 

But I can tell you with absolutely certainty that I have changed through my encounter with this door. John passing through the doorway opened a view up for me of eternity, the vast never ending, the place of the ancestors. And as I have continued to visit this doorway, I have brought back gifts. I have proof of words written, practices created, physical reminders of strange synchronicities. 

The door to which we traveled together in the first 49 days, I’ll call the Green Door of Death. John passed through the Door. I did not, but that doesn’t mean it is closed to me. We living can return to the Green Door of Death at any time to whisper our words of love through the keyhole. At special and liminal times, the Door swings open and we can receive a vision of our beloveds in the beyond. When I look through I am not afraid of the Death that exists on the other side of the Green Door. 

The key to opening the door is Love. The key is free and available for all. Love can be shaped into this key with intention to send some Love to the Dead. Visiting this doorway keeps a right balance between the Living and the Dead. The remembered Dead remain in our lives aiding us in confronting the problems we face that seem so much bigger that we can tackle alone. Perhaps our problems have never been bigger. Perhaps we have never needed the ancestors’ and beloved dead’s threads of vastness weaving round us more. This could shift our vision, open us to bigger possibilities This resource can come to us only when we living remain in relationship with the Dead in our personal and communal lives. 

I will let you know when this piece is done. Until then you can check out Speak Soul to Soul: Communicating with the Beloved Dead or The Eternity Box: The First Anniversary of a Death in the Soul Path Sanctuary Library. Or it is not too late to join us for Waiting with the Dark, the e-retreat to prepare for the Solstice’s arrival. Monday we begin the second week by turning to the ancestors and beloved dead. Reflection, candle ritual, and card play help us along the way.

As for your full moon observing, to encourage a revelation on these themes as we journey through this moonthly cycle, you are invited to one, some, or all of these practices:

  • Moon bathe by sitting or lying under a window or outside on the ground. Let go of your thoughts and soak in the light.
  • Take out any reading or your reflections from the new moon and look at them in a new light. How does your understanding of the cards shift now that time has passed and light has shifted? (If you haven’t done a reading yet, no problem, just do it now under the light of the full moon. You can try the one from the new moon.)
  • Bring out your Death and Lovers cards from your Tarot deck and connect them to your new moon reading / reflections. You could place/imagine these cards on either side of your reading or above and below, and then look at how they add meaning into the story your original cards offered you.
  • Reflect on questions such as: What is Love? How do I live Love? What is Love’s relationship to Death? How can Love help me meet Death? How can I lovingly connect with my beloved dead in this season? What loving message do the beloved dead and ancestors offer me? You can pull cards as responses to any of these questions. You may want to engage in Visio Divina to find the layers of wisdom within the cards.

When you are done, remember to offer gratitude for what you have received. Consider what gift you now want to return to the world. Pulling a card for guidance on the gift is always a fine thing to do. In the coming weeks and before the moon returns to dark around December 11th offer your gift to the world.

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