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Because I love
There is an invisible way across the sky,
Birds travel by that way, the sun and moon
And all the stars travel that path by night.

Because I love
There is a river flowing all night long.

Because I love
All night the river flows into my sleep.
Ten thousand living things are sleeping in my arms,
And sleeping wake, and flowing are at rest.

Kathleen Raine from Amo Ergo Sum

The new moon arriving on Thursday, the 11th (exact at 2:05pm ET), invites us to soak up the gentle light of the The Star and walk its pathways of:

  • hope;

  • renewal;

  • opening up to the grace and giftedness of the cosmos;

  • healing for us individually, collectively, and the planet as a whole.

From The Numinous Tarot

The Star through its natural connection to the open sky and its astrological correspondence to the air sign of Aquarius invites us to cultivate a clear mind—a mind that neither rejects nor is controlled by the more turbulent emotions on which it floats. The clear and accepting mind becomes a key to expanded consciousness supportive of renewal.

Our model this moonth for walking the path of the Star is the Knight of Cups. All Knights are on a quest to serve the Greater Than themselves. The face of the Greater Than that Knights see is inspired by their elemental association. Water calls the Knights of Cups to tend the flow of the Heart.

From the Mass Tarot deck

Symbolically the Heart is the home of Love. Romantic love, of course, spills from the Heart flooding the body with happy emotions and hormones. But the Heart has room for all kinds of love: of nature, friends, culture, country, the invisible spirits, Divine Ones, and the dead. In fact, as servants of the Heart, Knights of Cups recognize the flow of the Heart in how all the waters of the earth flow together without barriers. These Knights deeply sense that everything is connected.

And so the Star above and Heart below are mirrors of the interconnectedness of all. 

Interconnectedness is not only a theme for the moonth but  the whole year. This is the first of three moons on the Star path this year. Our gentle new moon light here in February opens the way for the bright illumination of two Star full moons in July and August. It is a gift of the cosmos that after the Tower-like turbulence of 2020, we will get to bask in the renewing energy of the Star throughout the year. (Find out more in my Solar and Lunar Overview of 2021.)

The 7 of Swords—in its form of the 7 of Air from the Gaian Tarot—as this moonth’s passage and practice card suggests we engage mind and heart to create a plan for making real our highest visions, not just personally but collectively. 

Close up of the Gaian Tarot’s 7 of Air

In the 7 of Air, the hiker stops to strategize about what will be the best way to scale the mountain. The clear mind looks ahead, considers alternatives, and lays out a way forward before beginning the journey. Like the hiker, we are invited to follow this planning principle: Start with the end in mind. To do this, you imagine your vision realized and then work backward to find the steps needed to arrive there.  

The ups and downs of the journey can also be considered if not fully anticipated. A client pointed out to me the many rivers and ponds on the hiker’s map. The watery places could flag where emotional challenges may be encountered along the way. Anticipating these emotional roadblocks can help you prepare to meet them. These watery places also present places to pause and rest so you have the energy you need to push forward to the top. 

Here is a suggested planning practice to work with this moonth’s 7 of Air energy: 

  • Set aside about an hour of time to devote to your planning.
  • Get a calendar with monthly and weekly overview or other detailed planning tool. You may also want to have Tarot or oracle cards handy to help you. 
  • Tune into your heart. If you have a meditation practice use this to make a connection. If you don’t have a set practice, just seat yourself comfortably, close your eyes, and breath feeling your heart rise with each in-breath. Do this for 10 minutes. Feel free to call the Star, Divine Ones, Beloved Dead, or Ancestors into your heart to help guide you in your planning. 
  • Now bring to mind two goals that you want to have realized by/around the final Star moon of the year on August 22nd (which, by the way, has the same three guiding cards as this new moon). Let one goal be focused on you personally and the other goal be more collective. You might pick a card for each to be a visual representation of the goal achieved. 
  • Break the goals down into 7 monthly or moonthly steps each. Write these steps across the top of each calendar month February through August.
  • Now turn to the weeks, and write 1 – 3 actions each week to move you toward your steps that move you toward your goals. Feel free to pull cards to suggest the action that should be taken. 
  • When you’ve done this planning, drop back into your heart. Spend some moments there. Then review your plan and make any adjustments your heart calls you to. Especially evaluate if you have built in enough time for heart-renewal, tuning into guidance from the Star, and connecting with potential helpers and collaborators.
  • Plan to check in on your plan each month or moonth and know that you will be making adjustments along the way. 

To prepare the way for your planning, you may wish to reflect or read on the guiding questions of the moonth:

THE HEART RENEWED: What vision is being born or renewed in my heart this moonth?

A STRATEGIC PLAN: What is most important to pay attention to as I make a plan to achieve the vision?

MANIFESTATION: What can be made real during this year if I follow my plan with a clear mind and open heart?

I do offer this as an e-reading in my collaborative initiative format for $23.  Sign up with Pay Pal or email me about sending a check. When I receive notification, I’ll be in touch to let you know about when to expect to receive your reading by email. I generally have openings to do these readings on Mondays and Saturdays.

NOTE: The figure on the Knight of Cups is my late partner John Laux. Twenty one years ago to this new moon day, I had my first encounter with him over the phone. We didn’t see each other but we certainly got to know each other: we talked for hours, maybe three, certainly two. And I am talking with him still, though certainly not in the same way. It has been my experience that healing grief comes through creating a new kind of relationship with the Beloved Dead not in “getting over” them. There’s more of this story and practices to support you, too, in keeping up a loving flow with your beloveds in Speak Soul to Soul: Communicating with the Beloved Dead , which I offer as a gift to those who may need it.

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