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Justice – Seasonal Observances

Today is the Equinox when day and night are of equal length all over the world. The Spring and Fall Equinoxes are the only two days of the year when both North and South Hemispheres are aligned by experiencing this equal balance of sun and moon.

So, this day invites us to contemplate how we are all connected—and how what happens to any one of us impacts the whole. The Corona virus has been teaching us this lesson. Being vaccinated as an individual is not enough to protect any one of us. The virus can spread to those who won’t get vaccinated or those who do not have access to the vaccine and come back around even to the vaccinated. We—as local, national, and global communities—are all connected.

When contemplating balance and connection, those of us who work with the Tarot will bring to mind the Major Arcana’s Justice card.

This is the Justice card from The Raziel Tarot created by Rachel Pollack and Robert Place. In the companion booklet Rachel opens her meditations on Justice with a line from Deuteronomy: “Justice, justice shall you pursue,” and notes that words are rarely repeated in the Torah. The repetition of Justice could be for emphasis or, as Rachel posits, could be a call for Justice in both the spiritual and earthly world.

Here in the earthly world, I hear it as a call for each of us humans to recognize our responsibility for bring Justice into being within our systems and institutions. We must be active in bringing Justice into the places where it is absent.

Today I am thinking about Justice’s absence—its denigration—at the US-Mexico border where Haitian asylum seekers fleeing both political violence and climate-change, accelerated-natural catastrophes are met with horrific violence, an ugly echo of this country’s history of treatment of black people.

We can take action today—this day of balance, connection, and justice—to dismantle the systemic supports for this treatment of our fellow human beings.

The rationale for this response is Title 42 enacted by the Trump Administration. Title 42 allows for the expulsion of migrants without giving them a chance to apply for asylum because of the pandemic. The Biden administration has not ended this policy and in fact is fighting to keep it.

Call the White House Comment Line at 202-456-1111between 11am and 3pm to tell them to end Title 42. Then call your legislators. You can use the Capital Switchboard if you don’t have their direct numbers: 202-224-3121.

While you have them on the phone, tell them you also Haitian asylum seekers coming to our borders now to be allowed into the US to take advantage of Temporary Protected Status that is already in placeinstead of being deported.

The Biden Administration has responded to such pressure before. It did not want to increase the number of refugees into the country from levels set by the Trump Administration but reversed course under pressure. Collectively we have the power to make this change.

After we have taken these quick and easy actions, we can dedicate some spiritual work to addressing injustice on this Equinox day. Prayer, energy work, casting a protective spell or all possible. As, of course, is some Tarot exploration. You might pull cards for:

  • What advice does the Sun have for me in serving Justice (i.e. how can I be active and work in the earthly realm)?
  • What advice does the Moon have for me in serving Justice (i.e. how can I work in a mysterious, magical, consciousness shifting way)?

Then your work of both earthly and spiritual justice can contribute to more balance, more justice in the world.

Want more info? This is a good overview article from the Boston Globe.


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