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Well, here we are in the passage card of the moonth …


a 1909 card scanned by Holly Voley and retrieved from Sacred Texts. Deck available from US Games

… looking banged up and wary from the battles of our times. Perhaps we have been dedicated to fights for the health of people and the planet. We may have been pouring our energy into combating the climate crisis or the deadly impact of racial inequities. Or we may have been on fire to protect reproductive rights or dismantle fatphobia.

Our struggles may be more personal: supporting a loved one in illness, caring for children in this difficult time, job transitions, the death of a beloved.

Most of us have been juggling the collective and the personal. It has been an uphill battle and for me it has mostly felt as if we were sliding backwards. How ‘bout for you?

And now comes another iteration of the pandemic: a new variant to have us on edge. Omicron may turn out not to warrant the panicked concern but it comes to remind us of the lesson that the pandemic keeps offering: What happens anywhere could impact everyone on this planet. We are all connected. 

Seems we have not fully integrated the message, but the dance of sun and moon and earth has come to offer us another chance to deepen our understanding of this connection at the darkest time of the year here in the Northern Hemisphere.

This moonth—arriving with the new eclipsed moon on Saturday, the 4th, at 2:43am ET—we are invited to walk the path of Temperance. Temperance melds opposites into a whole that draws from its constituent elements but brings forth something entirely new.

In the Tarot of the Crone Temperance, a figure walks between fire and ice on a thin green path. Deck creator Ellen Lorenzi-Prince shares the wisdom of the image:

Meaning is not found in the one thing or another but in the being that connects them. You. You are the one to bring beauty into life. You are the one to walk your path.. You know about opposition. You know the hunger of fire and the power of ice. But you do not let their powers consume you. 

 We are the ones who become new when we walk this narrow path of acceptance, integration, and transformation. We balance within ourselves our hot passion and our cool reason. Our belief in the possibility of change and our despair about how far we seem from our visions now. Our feelings of cold exhaustion and our sparks of joy within. Instead of choosing between or disparaging one side as right or desired, we hold both, twine them together to make something stronger.

We’ve had to do this before. The long stretch of history and the circling of the Wheel of the Year have invited us to apprentice to Temperance over and over again. We are never done with the work of re-creating ourselves or the world we live in. We live in circles not in lines.

This moonth the Knight of Wands is our guiding light for walking this circuit of the Temperance path. These Knights are filled with energy andalways ready to begin again. They rise up from the places of too much fire like the Nine of Wands. They don’t seem to care that they may have lost the last battle. They persist knowing they will never reach their vision if they don’t at least move toward it.

Instead of a Tarot image for this guide, I offer you the Monarch Butterfly as this moonth’s Knight of Wands.

After years of drastic decline, the monarch seems to be on the rebound. I saw many more this year in the Valley and biologists have counted at least 100,000 individual western monarch butterflies overwintering in Southern California so far this season (up from 1,914 last season and fewer than 30,000 per year for the prior three seasons). Scientists are not yet sure what is producing such favorable conditions for the butterflies, but these numbers could indicate there is still time to help the monarchs rebound in the west.

There is still time. 

These are words of hope. And an invitation to action because we don’t ever know when time runs out. People could have despaired and given up on the monarch with numbers dropped so low last season, but the monarchs and the people who love them kept at it. Scientists kept watching butterflies. Gardeners kept adding plants to their garden that butterflies like. And butterflies kept reproducing. Both human and insect are Knight of Wands role models for us.

If we dare to recognize both hope and despair within us … if we then still make our mantra “there is still time” … if we take the bruises and wariness of the iconic Nine of Wands into the cocoon of dark for healing … if we do these things we can emerge more fully into our power and being again.

Power is the quality that Ellen Lorenzi-Prince assigns to the Tarot of The Crone’s Nine of Wands.

Of this power, Ellen says:

[Power] wants you to connect both to the universe and your own deep self. The touch is not a static thing but a dance, a relationship. It is not something you can hoard or hold on to: the nature and strength of your life and all life is to move and change. Make the connections and your life will flow. 

To help you make connections, you can use these questions for reflection and/or card play:

CONNECT: How do you connect and integrate both the persistent challenge and joyous potential of life into your awareness?

POWER: What power can this awareness awaken within you?

BEGIN AGAIN: What is your next step for this moonth to begin again? 

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Also, it is not too late to join Descent and Return of the Light. In fact, Monday begins our dip into Dark Nurture and movement toward the Winter Solstice with release and renewal. Because this is a retreat, you never fall behind and can join in at any time. Every day we are just beginning again :).

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