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Welcome to Tending the Returning Light, the second half of our Solstice-hinged ritual and retreat-in-everyday life. To join in the ritual, you may want to find a Solstice Seed of the New (don’t worry selecting this Seed any time after the Solstice). You can join the ritual in progress this week or catch up on previous week’s theme of What Can Be Born from Our Broken Parts and Root and Reach

 The Solstice Seed emerges. After root and reach, the Seed takes form and moves out into the world. Now this Seed is both of you and beyond you, being born of your release and renewal, but responding with its own unfolding to take its place in the Whole of All Things.

To live, the Seed must change. For you to gain the gift of the Seed, you must be open to this change. A dynamic relationship between you and the Seed is required. You must tend it with the energy fed by your original longings, but also allow the Seed to grow where the light is shining. The light may call you both to surprising places if you would follow its path of fullness and shadow, if you would listen with the ears of your heart, if you would close your eyes like Justice to take a lesson from the wisdom within.

The Minoan Tarot’s Chariot is a beautiful teacher about how to flow in a cooperative movement of Self and Seed.  Ellen Lorenzi-Prince describes the image:

On a painted stone sarcophagus from the New Palace Period, the Goddess drives a chariot drawn by griffins. With the body of a lion and head and wings of an eagle, the sovereign of beasts and the sovereign of birds together, griffins are especially powerful and majestic creatures, as they harness the powers of both Earth and Heaven. Yet the Goddess does not strain to hold the reins on the magical beasts. Her control is effortless.


The griffins of Earth and Heaven show last week’s work of the Seed’s root and reach. The single rein the Goddess holds is the focused connection of Her longing; this will help to set a direction.

But I see only one rein of conscious control in this image.

There is, however, another connection suggested. The Goddess extends her chest toward Her creatures. The heart lives in the chest. I believe Her heart is the second rein. This heart rein does not control so much as align. Her heart rein is curious about where their griffins might want to go. The heart rein is open to the journey as it unfolds. A heart rein invites new revelations.

So in this third week of Tending the Light, we ponder a trinity of questions. We might want to do this exploring as we light three candles in an evening ritual or as we spend a few minutes in observations of the sun’s movement at dusk or dawn throughout the week. The questions to ponder might be these (or modifications you make out of your own seeking):

  • Where to be active in the shaping of the Seed’s emergence?
  • How to stay open to surprising revelations of the Seed?
  • What is the message coming from my heart in this time of emergence?

Yes, take some time to tend to your heart this week. Perhaps you might find or create a poem or prayer that directs attention, support, or guidance to your heart. I’d love to hear yours. I’ll close with mine:

In the lengthening of day,

in the light of moon and shift of seasons,

in the imperishable stars that burn behind clouds,

may we meet the immensity of our hearts,

open to the rivers that flow through its chambers –

of happiness and sorrow,

of anger and compassion

of grief and joy –

and rest then wiser

in the heart’s source

that is Abundant Love,

Renewing Love,

Simply Love.

Blessed Be.


We conclude the seasonal ritual next week with the theme of Follow the Heart’s Light, but seeking continues throughout the year and in an exciting development will include a Greek Mysteries tour. Would you like to come?!

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February 4, 2015, 12:11 pm Jean

Don’t see it on the website, but I loved your poem (the one in your email).

You are one of the secret lovers,
just paused, perhaps, resting

February 5, 2015, 9:52 am Carolyn

That poem is not yet posted publically so you newsletter readers got an exclusive. Thank your for letting me know that the poem spoke to you!

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