The Initiation of Sacred Travel with Rachel Pollack and Carolyn Cushing


For Seekers

Time: Sunday, March 20th at 12noon ET (Yes, on the Equinox!)

Where: Zoom (a recording will be made for those who cannot attend in person)

Together we will explore the initiation that is possible from traveling with intention. We’ll gather wisdom from the Shining Tribe Tarot’s Six of Trees journey image and hear stories about the initiation of the Eleusinian Mysteries and Rachel’s past trips to Greece. We’ll lay out a spread to prepare for our initiations of the year. This session is part of the preparation from those going on the Encounter the Mysteries of Ancient Greece tour in September. If you have a deposit down for the trip, this session is free to you. If you are considering going on the trip or are just curious about this year-long process, you are invited to attend for $23.


Our focus on the Six of Trees comes both from its perfect fit with the idea of the initiation of sacred travel and also because it came up in a reading we did in our last session on Invoking the Seeds. It was in fact, the Seed that those who prepare for the trip through the year and then make the journey to Greece will nurture. I did a quick video on the reading that I invite you to take a look at.

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