Solstice Seed of the New

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We’ve been Waiting with the Dark as part of the Descent and Return of the Light seasonal ritual.  With the arrival of the Solstice on December 21st, we shift into Tending the Returning Light. Out of this confluence of dark and light, we invite a Solstice Seed of the New to show itself to us.

Shining Tribe tarot ace of wands

The Shining Tribe Tarot‘s version of the Ace of Wands.

You can make your first connection to the Seed on or after Solstice. New Year’s Day is a fine time to find a Seed.

To find your Seed, you could pull a Tarot or oracle card or two. Or you might record a dream image, note the first animal you see, or open an inspirational book in a random place and take the first line you see as wisdom written especially for you. Just tune into what feels right to you to do your Seed selecting.

Your Seed image needs to inspire you. If you encounter an image or pull a card that evokes a negative or indifferent reaction, you absolutely do not have to stick with it for a whole year. Instead you could think a bit about why the image does not inspire you and then ponder what might be opposite qualities. Then go and consciously look for a symbol or card that represents these new ideas. In that way the original card is still a guide – just one of initial misdirection – to finding your Solstice Seed image.

No matter how or when you tune into the Solstice seed, you are invited to work with it for the rest of the year and see how it evolves as a contemplative practice. You might keep the images or words that have found their way to you in a place where you can see them all year (my Tarot sister Jill Scott makes images she want to pay attention to the screen saver on her phone!), place them at the center of an annual spread done with Tarot or other oracle cards, and/or re-visit the Solstice seed at the turning of each season.

You may have an idea of how your seed will develop or there might be a big surprise as you travel the coming year, but you will birth the new from your seed, a whole solar system of yourself being expressed.

10 of trees

And here the Tribe’s 10 of Trees. The seed all grown up!

Happy Solstice!

Connecting with the Solstice Seed and the gift it offers at the center of the Tending the Returning Light e-retreat that begins January 2nd. Offered via an overview booklet, daily e-mails, and weekly tele/audio gatherings, participants will discover:

  • what can be born of our broken parts,
  • how to root and reach inspired by the Solstice Seed of the New;
  • what will emerge from our collaboration with our Solstice Seeds inspirations; and
  • how to follow our heart’s light.

Devoting yourself to this seasonal-long ritual can offer you support for:

  • creating or refreshing your spiritual / soul practice;
  • continuing on a healing journey through loss or grief;
  • tuning in to your creative source;
  • clarifying and building commitment for living out your soul purpose in the year to come.

Registration is now open.

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