Celebrating Walk Through the Forest of Souls



Rachel Pollack’s Walk Through the Forest of Souls is out!

And on May 10th we are celebrating and spreading the word about Walk Through the Forest of Souls being re-issued by Weiser Books. Please join us to create an echo chamber for Rachel and let people know what an amazing book this is! 

Ideas for the 10th include any of the following activities—or any inspiration they spark—on your social media channels:

  • Use the hashtag #walkthroughtheforestofsouls for anything you do on social media. Rachel very specifically wanted Walk included in the title!
  • Share a personal testimonial about your love for and/what you’ve learned from reading A Walk Through the Forest of Souls. 
  • Share the link to the free sample:
  • Pull a quote from the book and share it on social media. 
  • Make a video in which you share one of the wisdom readings from the book. 
  • In post, text, tweet or video share about how Rachel and/or the book has influenced your Tarot life. 
  • Include the link for ordering from Weiser:

Special happenings that we know of (so far) are: 

  • Jenna Matlin and I are doing a livestream to talk about the book and explore the Opening the Heart reading on the 10th at 3pm ET. There will be special guests. Jenna’s hosting You can tune into 
  • Ellen Lorenzi-Prince will be on Facebook for two hours in the morning and two in the evening, from 9am to 11am and 6pm to 8pm PDT. Wisdom readings only, as described by Rachel in the book. All questions answered will seek wisdom about something greater than oneself.
  • Benebell Wen gives us a walk through of God’s Reading from A Walk Through the Forest of Souls
  • Follow the FB event to see new additions: ​​ 

Feel free to forward this to others who you think would like to join in on the fun. This is an organic, emergent strategy so do what feels right and in the spirit of Rachel’s work. We are just catalyzing the action and tending the fire over here. 


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