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This is the first daily email for this water-focused week of Walking the Ways of the Summer Light. Emails the rest of the week support connecting with wisdom guides, contemplating water as an element and from the Tarot tradition, and going out for a wisdom wander. You are welcome to join us on the journey! 

Words to Inspire

The element of water has a message for you. Commune with the puddle, the stream, a dry river bed, the deluge of drops (tears or rain), to learn what wisdom waits. Receive the life-giving gifts that come from water, the source of life and element of our first home, the womb. Let yourself be renewed.

Wisdom Image

Central image from The Elora Tarot


Prompts for Practice

Today you are invited to contemplate an image of water: the picture above; your favorite Tarot card from the suit connected to Water (most commonly suits with names like Cups or Rivers); or any sized body of water from the ocean to the water glass you bring to your lips.

Then ponder your connection and understanding of the element of water.  This is the place from which you begin. Use your own current definitions and understandings to contemplate these questions.

  • When you hear the word “water” what does it encompass?
  • What do you already know about the water element (from the Tarot’s earth suit, or connecting physically with water, or from your spiritual tradition’s teachings about water)?
  • Is there a place or an activity that especially connects you to water?
  •  What lessons and gifts might come from connecting with water?
  • What gifts can you offer to water?

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