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It’s been a summer of extremes. Canadian wildfires sending unhealthy smoke as far as Europe. Deadly fires in Hawaii decimated the historic city of Lahaina, a sacred place for Native Hawaiians and once the capital of the unified Hawaiian Kingdom before U.S. colonization in the 19th and 20th centuries.

In the Northeast, the flooding has been historic and the impacts on our crops catastrophic. As I told you last moonth, the farm I belong to lost two main fields. I shared the link to their GoFundMe and those of you who were able responded with gifts. Thank you! 

I was touched by Linda Marson of Global Spiritual Studies’ note when she gave:  I just made a donation – in Australia we know the devastation that floods can cause.

And this is what keeps me moving forward in these desperate times. That we, the people, see the great challenges we are facing despite the usually slow and more often obstructionist response of the powers that be. And when we see, we respond in solidarity to each other in our neighborhoods and across the globe.

I was going to say that it gives me hope, but the August 16th new moon’s (exact at 5:38am ET, time zone converterassociation with the Tarot’s Strength card has me pondering not hope but the strength that grows from acknowledging rather than ignoring how scary the times we live in truly are.

Strength’s pathway invites us to an alignment with our wild self and gentle fierceness while calling us to act with compassion for the self and others.

Strength cards across Tarot decks offer us images of a human figure in relationship with a creature. Most commonly a lion, but there are also versions with snakes and bears. In the Numinous Tarot, a person is enveloped in the arms of a bear—quite a bear hug!

Deck creator Cedar McCloud tells us that the bear is coming from the person’s own heart and represents fears that grow bigger and wilder. But the person’s embrace of the fear soothes both of them. The power in this image comes from being in relationship with the wild feelings of fear.

Our Strength path takes us through the passage of the 7 of Wands. In the iconic Rider Waite Smith deck, a lone figure stands on a hill with staff raised against 6 other staffs menacing. The odds would seem to be against our young hero. Perhaps they are beginning a personal passion project that others disapprove of. Or they are fighting to change climate change policy. No matter whether they are undertaking personal or collection action, they look determined to face whatever comes their way. They have courage. 

a 1909 card scanned by Holly Voley and retrieved from Sacred Texts. Deck available from US Games
As you may know, the root of the word courage connects its meaning to the heart. The word entered English from the Old French corage meaning “heart, innermost feelings; temper”
In the 7 of Wands passage through Strength we answer the call of our heart despite own fears. We stand prepared to risk it all.
So far, the invitations of this moon have been fire-inspired: passion, wildness, heart, action, risk. But our guide for how to travel the next 28+ days of this moon cycle adds balance and perspective to our monthly advice. Our model to emulate this moonth is the Knight of Pentacles, perhaps the slowest but steadiest of all the Tarot figures.
From the Gaian Tarot
Knights of Pentacles—known as Explorers of Earth in the Gaian Tarot—know that our hearts are sheltered in our bodies. That our bodies are the place where our passion grows; the structure for our strength; the vessel for water’s flow; and the home of soul and spirit. They know their individual bodies to be part of the greater body of the earth. Recognize that care for their bodies makes possible their quest and contributes to the greater care of the Whole.

Courts or people cards represent actual people and I didn’t have to look far to find living, breathing Explorers of Earth. As I was writing this monthly post, a breaking news banner flashed across the Washington Post site: A Montana judge found in favor of a group of young climate activists, recognizing that their right to a “clean and healthful environment” have been violated. 

It’s a big deal. Not only in Montana, but also across the country as it could open the door to similar court cases.

I admit that I am often writing to you about aspirational goals or urging action even though we don’t know what will happen. But this is a real success to celebrate as well as to follow and see what further change ripples from it. This story was quickly displaced from the headlines by news of yet another indictment against the former president, so I want to highlight here and make sure you get the good news.

Learn more about the case here and read Washington Post profiles of the young climate activist here. In the Post article, Grace Gibson-Snyder, a 19-year-old plaintiff from Missoula, says:

“This is a case out of love, And a certain amount of fear, for sure. But the fear of loss comes from our love for these places.”

Ms.Gibson-Snyder is talking about the source of her commitment to the difficult and uncertain path that she and her fellow plaintiffs began on in March 2020. And I am reading her words today as a beautiful encapsulation of this moonth’s path.


You can use these questions for a reading and reflection throughout the moonth with or without cards:

WILD LOVE: What wild love is emerging from your heart right now?

FEAR: How to work with any fear that emerges from your embrace of this wild love?

ACTION: What is the best action to take this moonth to feed this wild love?

I do offer this as an e-reading in my collaborative initiative format for $23.  Sign up with Pay Pal or email me about sending a check. Because I am going away this weekend, I will only be able to do one or two if requests are made by end-of-the-day Wednesday. Otherwise, requested readings will happen more like the 25th – 27th. When you sign up, I’ll let you know about the timing.

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