Fruits of the Solstice Season: The Connective Wisdom of Strawberries

For the past few years I have undertaken what I think of as a simple Solstice to Solstice  practice. I …. … eat some strawberries on the Summer Solstice. … freeze other strawberries on the Summer Solstice.  … eat the frozen strawberries on the Winter Solstice.  I started doing this practice instinctively. I wasn’t influenced [...] Learn more →

Not Just Numbers: Poets Killed in Gaza

Poets are not more important that other people, but because they write we can “meet them” from afar through their words. In these dark days I have been meeting Palestinian poets through their words after their deaths. Their words are beautiful. I thought to share them with you so you can meet them, too. Their [...] Learn more →

Shining Tribe Cento

Rachel Pollack Incants Her Way  Through the Green Door of Death A Shining Tribe Cento   I swim in the evening  I rest in the sunshine I talk with the serpents I know all the secrets I walk like a singer  through the forest of souls   Breathe through the grass Shout through the eyes [...] Learn more →

A Cento for Rachel Pollack

The first three days  After a month Forty-nine days  The first anniversary  Nine years of anniversaries  These are all markers of time for accompanying our beloveds after their death. They take us to the burial or memorial service and beyond. We so need the beyond because the honor of mourning and the work of grief [...] Learn more →

Love’s Luck: Two of Cups Encounter

Tarot cards are just bits of paper. As material objects, they don’t have intrinsic power. But their images and symbols as well as the accruing of meaning over centuries can make of them guides and instigators for connecting with the extraordinary, the mythic, the great forces that run under our everyday lives.  On the Saturday [...] Learn more →

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