PALESTINIAN POETS WRITE A RESOLUTION WHEREAS, the house / next door no longer / stands. It’s lying like an old carpet / on the floor of the earth, / trampled by missiles, fat slippers / flying off legless feet; and WHEREAS, every time we leave the house, / it’s suicide. / And each return a [...] Learn more →

New Moon Gateway: Between the Pillars of Certainty and Uncertainty

The March 10th new moon (exact at 5:00am ET, time zone converter) sets on the path of the Moon. The first person we encounter as we walk our way is this guy sitting before a strangely high table with his nine goblets. a 1909 card scanned by Holly Voley and retrieved from Sacred Texts. Deck available from US Games [...] Learn more →

Valentine’s Day Action With Poetry From Broken Hearts Open to Gaza

This first version is general/for anyone. If you live in Congressional District 1, scroll down to see a targeted message for Representative Richard Neal.  Call your representative (contact info here) around Valentine’s Day. (Skipping the Senate right now because they just voted on a bill.) This action will take only a few minutes. If you [...] Learn more →

Poet Solidarity – Respond by January 24th

#1: Are you a poet who lives in Massachusetts Congressional District 1 / is represented by Richard Neal? If yes, please keep reading. #2: Do you agree with what is in this letter?   Dear Representative Richard Neal, We abhor the loss of life from war, violence, poverty, and lack of access to food and water [...] Learn more →

Update: Poet/Cultural Worker Solidarity

I continue to call on my representative Richard Neal of MA Congressional District 1 to be on the side of life by calling for a ceasefire in Gaza, rejecting military aid to the right-wing dominated Israeli government, and working to have funds diverted for humanitarian aid abroad and critical services here in the US.  Because [...] Learn more →

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