Serving Justice

Moonthly Chats & Meditations on the Tarot’s Justice Card

The year 2017 draws to an end, and with it, this current form of our moonthly devotion to Justice.

The dark and full of the moon will be our guides for concluding this spiral of work.

As the moon dissolves to darkness, we will practice releasing what has been damaging or diminishing to Justice in this year. I will lead a meditation on Saturday, December 16th at 4:15pm ET focused on releasing for ourselves and on behalf of Justice what we do not want to carry in to 2018. I will also post the Faces of Justice we have been visiting with this year on the Soul Path Sanctuary Facebook page so that petitions for release can be offered there.

As the sun returns and the moon grows full, we will work to welcome Justice in all her power, beauty, and balance into the coming year. I will lead a call on Sunday, December 31st, at 4:15pm ET, and the Soul Path Sanctuary Facebook page will also be a place to post words of welcome and wishes for Justice in the coming year.

To receive the dial in information for the live calls and/or to receive a link to listen to the recording, register here. If you are not already on it, you will be added to the Soul Path Sanctuary moonthly e-list.

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