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Facilitated by Carolyn Cushing, the Sanctuary’s main inspirations are Tarot tradition and divination tools; poetry and writings from across cultures and time; the natural world undergoing its transformations; and spiritual practices from diverse traditions.

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Looking at the patterns of the year, I’ve observed a Solar Surface reflecting the Great Father and a Lunar Undersong calling us to the Great Mother. We are invited to fully climb into the Chariots of our lives and combine these energies within our selves.

Chariot symbolism chips away at the belief in a separation between opposites such as masculine and feminine, light and dark, life and death. Instead these forces are presented as entwined and mutually beneficial in the Chariot archetype. Maree Bentos’s Divine Muses Oracle offers a captivating vision of this fertile breakdown of belief: The Solar Feminine and the Lunar Masculine.

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