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Facilitated by Carolyn Cushing, the Sanctuary’s main inspirations are Tarot tradition and divination tools; poetry and writings from across cultures and time; the natural world undergoing its transformations; and spiritual practices from diverse traditions.

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Welcome, Seekers, to 2021’s work and play of soul tending. The Soul Path Sanctuary e-news is a moonthly missive that will arrive in your inbox with astro-Tarot-nature inspired themes, readings, and rituals to walk your unique soul path in alignment with – or sometimes finding ways around! – the collective energies.  

This year’s celestial correspondences show us a dance between leaders who mediate the human-spirit flow with the universe’s healing directly offered to each soul. These dancers are called The Hierophant and Star. Also in the swirling dance, we find the potential of transformation mixed by Temperance and an offering of Strength to see us through. The question of year this dance inspires is How will you answer the call to a new kind of spiritual leadership in 2021? We’ll be cultivating hope and exploring this question throughout the year.

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