Astro Prompts for Tarot Self Knowledge Work

I show myself as Temperance and flow with Strength to walk my unique path through Death.   Photo of my Smith-Waite Centennial Deck This is statement about my essence of self developed through connecting Tarot and Astrology.  The story of how I arrived at the statement – and how you can figure such a statement [...] Learn more →

Wild Wisdom on Wednesday: Gate of Earth

It is stones smoothed by the sea, erratics resting from their wandering, rocks turning up in the garden, the pebble you picked for your pocket that invite you to enter the full deep of earth. The earth lays out its history beyond words in bits broken from its own body: an origin in liquid rock [...] Learn more →

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Offering ~ I tend the sanctuary as gift to seekers on the unmarked path. If you find this site inspiring, I welcome a gift to continue serving you sustainably.