Wild Wisdom on Wednesday: Dream of Earth

The dream of earth is not life. The dream of earth is not death. The dream of earth is renewal, the mixing place of end and start, husk and seed. Earth’s children, Chaos and Slow Change, call forth the dream in each age. From carbon to oxygen, from single cell to many, from the ocean [...] Learn more →

Wild Wisdom on Wednesday: Dream of Water

Water seeks flow: melt of snow and glacier; reach of ocean, over and over again caressing the shore; an insistent stream cutting rock, tending trees all the way downhill.  The dream of water is to flow. And from the flow, beauty:  the shape of the land changed and charged; the color of water clear delight; [...] Learn more →


I had to disagree with Mary Oliver. The Writing Room prompt by her was:  “Joy is not meant to be a crumb.”  But there is so much in a crumb so I had to to defend it. And crumbs reminded me of the pictures of rocks and pebbles that John took when we visited Glacier [...] Learn more →

Around St. Mary's Lake – Glacier National Park, MT

Below the Horizon The observable horizon is little known, obscured by everyday movements but today when I look there is a small explosion. I can’t find you anymore. There are two parts: surface and depth. Geese circle a pond, shift from Vs to Ws. Three passes before heavy bodies break surface. Two geese tip their [...] Learn more →

Lake MacDonald – Glacier National Park, MT

    By way of the vanishing body Towards our ends skin thins, opens up a hint of fire spun from each cell’s center. Fingers blush a little when pressed to another’s palm. Then begins the vanishing, that last light leaving perhaps from the crown of the head. Surprised, you’ll find a way to follow. [...] Learn more →

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