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Faces and Spaces of Justice: A Reading

Since it is summer, I am lingering a little longer with last moonth’s Face and Space of Justice from the Haindl Tarot published by U.S. Games Systems  so I can tell you about the “Gifts of Justice for the USA on its Birthday” meditation and Wisdom reading that I did on the 4th of July. I [...]

Faces and Spaces of Justice: Haindl Tarot

  Like many of the images in The Haindl Tarot (published by U.S. Games), the Justice card has usual elements in a composition that includes iconic symbols. Here scales appear with their message about the importance of balance in attaining Justice. But these scales float before the the eight eyes of peacock’s feathers. This is a far-seeing [...]

The Work of the Moon

Wednesday night’s Journey into Tarot session brought us the energy and wisdom of The Moon. In preparing for the meditation, I was particularly inspired by how the moon teaches us about cycles and shows us that dark and light are a part of the whole as in the Gaian Tarot Moon. The work of our [...]

Journey into the Tarot: The Hierophant

As I continue the Journey into the Tarot sessions on Major Arcana cards, I am dipping each week into a few favorite books with commentaries on the cards.  This has me returning to one of the very first books I bought from a used bookstore: Rachel Pollack’s companion book to the Haindl Tarot.  The book [...]