Wisdom of the Hanged One at Readers Studio

Although I didn’t hear the Hanged One invoked consciously, this wisdom figure hid in plain sight, worked a special magic, and invited our souls to go deep at this year’s Readers Studio, the annual gathering of the Tarot tribe organized by The Tarot School. I’ve written before about how the Tarot’s Hanged One exults what [...] Learn more →

The Major Arcana as Circles of Healing

One of the grand metaphors of Tarot – though it is a fairly recent innovation – is the that that Major Arcana is The Fool’s Journey with three levels or kinds of work for our Hero Fool to do:  Cards 1 – 7 represent the development of self and the ego; Cards 8 – 14 [...] Learn more →

Change Model: Transitions and the Hanged Man

There are a number of change models that I find inspiring.  Each one offers unique insights into different types of changes we as individuals and groups go through.  I’ll be blogging about a number of them.  Today, we’ll look at Bridges’ Transition Model. William Bridges, English professor turned psychologist and change process consultant, has written [...] Learn more →

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