The Healing Image

Heal:  From the Old English hælan, meaning cure; save; make whole, sound and well.  Then to mend from a significant loss is possible.  The pain that comes with the loss can not be ignored, but must be unraveled, met, knit into new form.  The new form must be put on rather than put away because [...] Learn more →

Paint A Journey With New Life

How exciting to once again be part of the Tarot Blog Hop and sandwiched between the energy and wisdom of Amethyst Mahoney and Marilyn Shannon.  Be sure to visit their blogs as part of your Ostara blog hopping adventure. “The Tarot is a template of the soul’s progress.”  Rachel Pollack I conceive of progress as [...] Learn more →

Stay Connected

Offering ~ I tend the sanctuary as gift to seekers on the unmarked path. If you find this site inspiring, I welcome a gift to continue serving you sustainably.