The Major Arcana as Circles of Healing

One of the grand metaphors of Tarot – though it is a fairly recent innovation – is the that that Major Arcana is The Fool’s Journey with three levels or kinds of work for our Hero Fool to do:  Cards 1 – 7 represent the development of self and the ego; Cards 8 – 14 [...] Learn more →

Journey into the Tarot: Rearranging the Dance Partners

My Journey into the Tarot has me looking with new eyes at the relationships between the wisdom figures of the Major Arcana.  Before this journey, I would pair up the Magician and The High Priestess, but as I wrote about in last week’s post, it is actually the Hierophant and the High Priestess who offer [...] Learn more →

Paradoxes of Change: Memory & The High Priestess

Preparing for a recent Tarot meditation, I delightedly explored a new aspect of the High Priestess.  I am constantly amazed how the meaning of the cards is revealed afresh to me despite the fifteen or so years that I have studied the Tarot.  This time my attention was drawn to the High Priestess’ connection to [...] Learn more →

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