Garden of a Thousand Buddhas – Arlee, MT

  Unstoppable Wholeness We live in bodies, not our own. They belong to the whole of air and its circuses: hawk’s form above moused fields, squirrel’s dive for bending branch, sanderling’s ocean flight beyond net They belong to the whole of rain and its passengers: liquid life for soil, but bits of broken sky fall, [...] Learn more →

Around St. Mary's Lake – Glacier National Park, MT

Below the Horizon The observable horizon is little known, obscured by everyday movements but today when I look there is a small explosion. I can’t find you anymore. There are two parts: surface and depth. Geese circle a pond, shift from Vs to Ws. Three passes before heavy bodies break surface. Two geese tip their [...] Learn more →

Lake MacDonald – Glacier National Park, MT

    By way of the vanishing body Towards our ends skin thins, opens up a hint of fire spun from each cell’s center. Fingers blush a little when pressed to another’s palm. Then begins the vanishing, that last light leaving perhaps from the crown of the head. Surprised, you’ll find a way to follow. [...] Learn more →

Camas Field – Montana-Idaho Border

    The Sum of These Parts For Ellen Koteen Trinity of petals: cream laced with butter, silk smoothed by light, each as if it was a baby’s eyelid resting. But still they survive downpours, and still they fight pesticide’s kisses, and still they taste noon’s fire to stand beyond reason and science and chance: [...] Learn more →

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