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Solstice Seed at Equinox Reflection & Spread

The Equinox arrives March 20th. At this time of year, day and night stand equal inviting us to contemplate and connect with balances of light and dark, life and death, grief and joy. As we tend these opposites we may come to know how they each contain the other, and how they work together to bring [...]

Descent and Return of the Light: We Begin in the Dark

“Though you live and work in the light, you were conceived and shaped in darkness. Darkness is one of our closest companions. It can never really surprise us; something within us knows the darkness more deeply that it knows the light. The dark is older than the light. In the beginning was the darkness. The [...]

Faces and Spaces of Justice: Shadow Woman of the Shining Tribe

Shadow Woman is our guide for the moonth that arrives on February 26, 2017 and follows the Soul Shaping Path of the Moon. In the Shining Tribe Tarot we find Justice not in the temple, but in a cave. Deck creator Rachel Pollack names the figure as Shadow Woman because she marks the half way [...]

Renewing Love

The romantic image that “unconditional love” conjures is a trap. Unconditional love implies perfection, perhaps a perpetual state of ecstatic connection. It’s the domain of the Divine. But we are human; we are imperfect. Our loves are not constant in their expression. But this is what makes them dynamic, keeps them alive. And, yes, I [...]

Lunar New Year for a Solar World Reading

恭禧发财 In English that’s: “We’d like to wish you an excellent start to the Lunar New Year   (Thanks to the New York Times for the Chinese.) Happy Year of the Monkey, which begins today signaled by the new moon that arrived this morning at 9:39am ET in the U.S.A. If you receive my e-news or [...]