Full Moon Revelations: A Gathering of Stars to Guide Us into the Future

I’m looking at the last week with the eyes of the Spiral of Fortune searching for where, to quote the poet Seamus Heaney, hope and history rhyme. Our Strength moon with its invitation to collective leadership was still young last week, but already showing us its power: Diplomatic negotiations led to first grain shipment leaving [...] Learn more →

Fire Connection – Walking the Ways Week 4

This is the first daily email for our fire-focused week of Walking the Ways of the Summer Light. Emails the rest of the week support: contemplating fire as a natural element and from the Tarot tradition; going out for a wisdom wander in nature with cards in hand; and finding a question that will illuminate the way forward [...] Learn more →

The Initiation of Sacred Travel with Rachel Pollack and Carolyn Cushing

Time: Sunday, March 20th at 12noon ET (Yes, on the Equinox!) Where: Zoom (a recording will be made for those who cannot attend in person) Together we will explore the initiation that is possible from traveling with intention. We’ll gather wisdom from the Shining Tribe Tarot’s Six of Trees journey image and hear stories about the initiation of the [...] Learn more →

Moonthly Musings and Reading: An Alchemy for Renewal

Overnight the 31st into the 1st, the new moon arrives to remind us that renewal is possible. First there is darkness—the moon stripped of sun’s reflection—but then the moment (12:46am ET on 1st, time zone converter ) that tips us toward the light—the birth of the next lunar cycle. In the Northern Hemisphere, we’ve just [...] Learn more →

Pilgrimage – Week 5 Walking the Ways

This is the first daily email for our final week of Walking the Ways of the Summer Light focused on Pilgrimage.  Words to Inspire Pilgrimage is an imaginary road with real stones in it. Phil Cousineau,The Art of Pilgrimage  Wisdom Image From The Shining Tribe Tarot by Rachel Pollack   Prompts for Practice Today we [...] Learn more →

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