Moonthly Musings and Reading: An Alchemy for Renewal

Overnight the 31st into the 1st, the new moon arrives to remind us that renewal is possible. First there is darkness—the moon stripped of sun’s reflection—but then the moment (12:46am ET on 1st, time zone converter ) that tips us toward the light—the birth of the next lunar cycle. In the Northern Hemisphere, we’ve just [...] Learn more →

A Peek into the Gaian Tarot Circle: Gaian Weekly Practices

I love the Gaian Tarot for its beauty and its wisdom.  I’m part of the Gaian Tarot Circle site where we lovers of the deck, of Tarot, of nature gather in cyber-space and on the phone to share our experiences of working with the deck, hear from the creator Joanna about her creative inspirations, and [...] Learn more →

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