Meditation and the Mind

The Journey into the Tarot sessions deepen my knowledge of both Tarot and meditation techniques.  The group’s recent experience with the Lovers card shone a light upon how the conscious mind’s expectations are like the mosquitoes that swarm and divert us from our desired destinations, but interestingly, it is our awareness and thinking capacities that [...] Learn more →

Sample Journey into the Tarot Session for You!

I have a sample from a  Journey into the Tarot session where The Lovers were our guide.   To fully experience it, you’ll need to set time aside where you will be undisturbed for about a half hour and be able to sit or lie with a straight spine.  Don’t listen to this while driving [...] Learn more →

Gaian Lovers Spread

 In my last post, I mused on how The Lovers invites us to a deep contemplative awareness of our world.  I also promised to soon post a spread inspired by the Gaian Tarot Lovers.  Well, the soon part was not true (unless you are using a cosmic time clockJ), but finally I return to post [...] Learn more →

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