Reading of the Month: Whale Song

My housemate has a coffee maker. Last week I heard extraordinary sounds coming from this most ordinary appliance. The gurgles of water passing through the filter gave way to longer notes like a moan but with a twist of sound that turned toward elation. A whole range of feeling flowed from those few sounds coming [...] Learn more →

The Work of the Moon

Wednesday night’s Journey into Tarot session brought us the energy and wisdom of The Moon. In preparing for the meditation, I was particularly inspired by how the moon teaches us about cycles and shows us that dark and light are a part of the whole as in the Gaian Tarot Moon. The work of our [...] Learn more →

The Moon and Cycles of Change

At last week’s Tarot Playgroup we explored the Moon card (#18) through looking at the meanings ascribed to the card over time, taking a meditative journey into the card, and, as always, reading for each other. From my time spent with this card, I took away a new understanding of what the Moon offers us [...] Learn more →

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