Soul Path Week of August 6: The Sun

When not observing the Solstice seasons or special lunar happenings, I pull Tarot cards weekly to inspire practice that cultivates soul wisdom for readers of this blog as a group using the Gaian Tarot.  You are invited to use the cards below to inspire your practice, and, if you like, share your reflections in the comments.  [...] Learn more →

Journeying with The Sun

For the past 2 weeks we have been journeying with The Sun (because clouds and snow and storm caused a travel delay for me on the originally scheduled night of the meditation!).  One of the final cards of the Major Arcana, The Sun is positioned toward the end of a journey of growth (cards 1 [...] Learn more →

Synchronicity and How the Tarot Works

One of the first stories in psychotherapist Robert Hopcke’s There Are No Accidents: Synchronicity and the Stories of Our Lives involves the Tarot so – as you can imagine – I was immediately drawn into the book. His client Bobbie, who came from a very Christian upbringing, began describing dreams that Hopcke recognized as filled [...] Learn more →

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Soul Path Sanctuary

Offering ~ I tend the sanctuary as gift to seekers on the unmarked path. If you find this site inspiring, I welcome a gift to continue serving you sustainably.