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Air Connection – Walking the Ways Week 2

After our new moon lunar interlude yesterday focused on love, today we begin the 2nd week of the Solstice-hinged e-retreat Walking the Ways of the Summer Light. This is the first of the daily emails that goes this air-inspired week. Emails the rest of the week support connecting with wisdom guides, contemplating air as an element and from [...]

Wisdom Wanders

The freedom in walking lies not in being anyone; for the walking body has no history;  it is just an eddy in the stream of immemorial time. Frederic Gros Wisdom Wanders support you to attune to elemental wisdom and within the context  of the Walking the Ways of the Summer Light seasonal retreat support you to [...]

Threshold of the Season Retreat: Dark Flow

Each season offers different gifts and challenges, flows with its own rhythm and mystery.  When we tune our awareness to the offerings and energy of the season, we can better receive its wisdom and be supported in our spiritual exploring, divinatory seeking, and/or creative vocations. The turning from October to November is a threshold time [...]

Urban Wisdom Wander

The June 4th Wander is postponed due to family (of a feline variety) needs. When I reschedule, I will repost. Join a small group of fellow seekers (about 10) on an urban Wisdom Wander to seek symbols in the city and find nature’s wisdom even amidst tall buildings. As part of my Walking the Ways [...]

Fire Wisdom Wander 2015 – Report from the Wander

This is the third Wisdom Wander of the 2015 Walking the Ways of the Summer Light series. The focus is on the element of Fire. The purpose is to commune with the element and gather questions (rather than answers). At Solstice-tide a question will be selected to answer on a Pilgrimage.  When I started the [...]