Walking the Ways of the Summer Light

A retreat-in-everyday life

to cultivate personal and collective healing

with Carolyn Cushing and Yesbelt Fernandez

Walking the Ways: Retreat In Every Day Life 2023 The Emperor Tarot Card from Rachel Pollack's Shining Tribe, Yesbelt Fernandez of YesSprial and Carolyn Cushing, herbal tea

You are invited to join fellow seekers in honoring and opening to the illumination of the Summer Solstice. We’ll be wandering, connecting to nature, divining, and herb crafting in the places where we live. Then gather virtually for ritual and sharing our experiences. The retreat runs for 6 weeks from Monday, May 22nd to Saturday, July 1. Join us for all or some of the weeks.

2023 E-retreats ~ Different prices for different situations
$47 for those that need a LOWER rate
$77 A MIDDLE-way fee to make this affordable to many
$107 for those that can assist with making this work SUSTAINABLE for facilitators
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Price: $47.00
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Cultivate Power This Season with Tarot, Nature, and Elemental Teas

Our theme this year is Power and its multitude of manifestations

The March 20th new moon conjoined to the Equinox invited us to find our Power-From-With and join it with others to counter Power-Over paradigms. Our encounter with Power continued with the April 20th new moon solar eclipse where we were called to be conduits of Power

Eclipses give new moons what is said to be a stronger energy, lasting for 6 months until the next eclipse season. They are a disruption of the normal relationship of sun and moon so invite us to be different, too. For the next 6 months and through Walking the Ways we can explore how we can be different in how we exercise our Power and use it to serve the Whole.

Walking the Ways Retreat supports you to travel this path by: 

  • Creating support for pausing within our daily lives for reflection and gathering inspiration from oracles like the Tarot.
  • Cultivating a connection to the Greater Than ourselves to receive guidance for going beyond our current limitations, including about what we believe is powerful. 
  • Supporting us to connect with the Power of the elements through prompts for nature practice and drinking teas crafted to attune us to Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. 
  • Connecting us to a community of fellow seekers through our weekly virtual tea parties and sharing circles

This is the 8th year of Walking the Ways. Carolyn has created a tested container for soul tending from her home base in a river valley in Western Massachusetts. For a fourth year Yesbelt Fernandez joins the facilitation team bringing her spiraling and herbal wisdom from the wilds of New York City. Inspired by the Herbcrafter’s Tarot, she’ll craft teas that will attune us to the elements.   

The Flow of our Retreat in Every Day Life

The hinge of Walking the Ways is the Summer Solstice on June 21st, the height of light for our solar year, and a day to celebrate the earthly abundance made possible by the celestial sun. 

To prepare for the Solstice, we wander toward this day of greatest light guided by the elemental energies of earth, air, water, and fire. Wisdom Wanders – which could be walks or sits or gazing out your window – loosen the hold of our usual roles over us. As we connect with the elemental wisdom, we are invited to listen, see, and feel in new ways. We travel seeking not answers but questions to inspire our healing.

On the Solstice, we select the Wisdom Wander question that will best serve personal and collective healing to focus on.

Moving out from the Solstice, we undertake a pilgrimage to find an answer to the question that can illuminate our path of healing as we emerge from the pandemic

When – Our Schedule

Wisdom Wandering with the Elements Seeking Questions ~ May 22 to June 20 

  • Daily emails to prompt practice. 
  • A recipe for a tea you can make from simple herbal ingredients will be part of each week.
  • Sunday Sharing Circles starting on May 28th at 5pm ET via Zoom to share our insights and questions from the week. The first section of the gathering where we share an overview of the theme and tea making tips will be recorded, but the sharing circle will not.

Pilgrimage to Find an Answer to Your Question ~ June 22nd to July 1 

  • Emails to help you plan your pilgrimage.
  • Gathering on Sunday, June 25th via Zoom to charge and bless each other as we begin our time of seeking answers to our questions.

October Reunion Circle To Share Our Pilgrimage Stories and/or Power Insights


This is a retreat, an offering to help you slow down and tend your soul. You’ll never need to catch up or do something more. All aspects are optional. Find what works best for you and your unique rhythm, drawing from one, some, or all of these: 

  • An overview booklet to see the flow of the whole season.
  • Daily emails to bring a burst of inspiration into each day.
  • A private Facebook group for connecting with others walking the ways with you.
  • Weekly Zoom sessions and celebrations for sharing with others.

About Us

cac-in-arcadiaFrom Carolyn: When my partner John died in a car crash in November 2012, my beliefs about death were a flimsy paper cup, immediately ripped apart. But the practices I’d developed through working with Tarot, nature, and poetry led me through creative mourning to find in grief a “secret medicine for those who hurt too hard to hope” (to gratefully borrow Rumi’s words).

I spent a few years regenerating through a devotion to the dark. Tending of the dark offered me personal healing and a connection to the Divine, my beloved dead, and the ancestors that makes me feel very supported and loved. This tending also became the gateway for emerging into the light’s energy of creative flow, action, and service.

In 2015 I spent the summer wisdom wandering, taking a pilgrimage to Acadia National Park in Maine, and finding a new and surprising connection with the joy of the sun! This luminous time filled me with new energy. I felt a connection to the solar world that didn’t diminish my lunar devotions. You can read more in my Wisdom Wander posts from 2015.


From Yesbelt: Years ago I made the choice to say yes more often. Soon after I noticed a lot more invitations were coming my way and I was exposed to diverse subjects and people. This is when I noticed I was in a constantly evolving spiral of synchronicity, leading me on a path of Tarot, Yoga, and Herbs. I find them to be foundational to any lifestyle. Tarot facilitates a connection to the spiritual and mental realms. Yoga grounds the body and mind connection. Herbs preserve and support the body in self-restoration.

I was born, raised, and still live in Manhattan, New York, a a small and congested island filled with millions of people, thousands of skyscrapers, and hundreds of parks, amongst other things. Finding and sharing bits of nature and beauty amidst the paved streets and towers is of great nourishment to me.  I have practiced Walking the Ways with Carolyn since 2017 and I look forward to sharing it with you.


2023 E-retreats ~ Different prices for different situations
$47 for those that need a LOWER rate
$77 A MIDDLE-way fee to make this affordable to many
$107 for those that can assist with making this work SUSTAINABLE for facilitators
Find the KEY word in the drop down below and your price will pop up in the cart.
Price: $47.00
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