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Welcome, Seekers, to 2019’s work and play of soul tending. The Soul Path Sanctuary e-news is a moonthly missive that will arrive in your inbox just before the dark moon with astro-Tarot-nature inspired themes, readings, and rituals to walk your unique soul path through in alignment with – or sometimes finding ways around! – the collective energies.  

An interesting patterns of the year is two full moons falling in the sign of Libra, which corresponds to the Tarot Justice card. Justice was a big theme of last year determined by numerology (2+0+1+8=11) and Merriam-Webster (it was their word of the year). Fortunately, She is sticking around to help us through this year. Libra is ruled by Venus which corresponds to the Empress so there will be Great Mother energy, too. How might you align with this energy to meet your desires? How might you serve its fulfillment for the good of the Whole? Reading the e-news and using its practices can support you finding the answer to these questions.  (You can get a preview of the year’s themes on the blog.)

Please join us!