Tarot Guidance

Carolyn Cushing works in collaborative intuitive way with seekers and the Tarot. In both sessions and e-readings, she and the seeker are active, working with the symbols and the images on the cards to engage intuition. The seeker’s intuition is the starting place and from there Carolyn’s intuitive responses, special perspectives from the deck we are using, and information from the Tarot tradition are layered on to the exploration of the cards. This active working builds commitment on the part of the seeker for what needs to happen for positive movement after  working with the cards.

Question-Focused Tarot Sessions: I offer these 60-90 minute interactive sessions to explore one or two focused questions via Zoom or by phone. If you have your own deck, bring it to the session and that is what we will use. If you don’t have a deck, we’ll need to work on Zoom with video enabled.  Contact me about timing and to receive your focus question prep sheet. I am usually scheduling about two weeks out for these sessions. Cost: $100. 

E-readings are offered at very affordable rates in two ways:

  • Aligned with the lunar cycle: Readings inspired by the initiating energy of the new moon are offered during the first two weeks of the lunar cycle. Check the Sanctuary page to find the latest reading.
  • By topic:  Below you will find readings on topics such as power, love, and serving justice.

You can see a sample of how these e-readings are offered in a collaborative intuitive format here.

Wisdom Wanders

Wisdom Wanders support you to attune to elemental wisdom, articulate the questions that are most important to ask right now, and, within Walking the Ways of the Summer Light, offer a seasonal practice to tend your soul. You can, of course, wisdom wander at any time of year. Also the practice can be modified to be [...] Learn more →

Power-From-Within E-Reading

The Reading  POWER: What is your power-from-within that the world needs now? EXPRESSION: How to express this power? MANIFESTATION: What can you manifest to tip the balance ever more away from power-over to power-with? I offer this as an e-reading in my collaborative initiative format for $23. I use the Gaian Tarot for these readings. When I [...] Learn more →

Courage to Love E-reading

The Reading LOVE: How is love calling me to live this moonth? FEAR: What fears or obstacles might I encounter as I answer love’s call? FORWARD: How can I “face my fears and do it anyway” to meet love’s call? I offer this as an e-reading in my collaborative initiative format for $23. I use the [...] Learn more →

Justice E-reading

The Reading  What can I do to interfere for the good of the Whole? How can I express Love to increase Justice where I live? What virtue can I express now to support the Cosmic Order? I offer this as an e-reading in my collaborative initiative format for $23. I use the Gaian Tarot for [...] Learn more →

Astro Prompts for Tarot Self Knowledge Work

I show myself as Temperance and flow with Strength to walk my unique path through Death.   Photo of my Smith-Waite Centennial Deck This is statement about my essence of self developed through connecting Tarot and Astrology.  The story of how I arrived at the statement – and how you can figure such a statement [...] Learn more →

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Soul Path Sanctuary

Offering ~ I tend the sanctuary as gift to seekers on the unmarked path. If you find this site inspiring, I welcome a gift to continue serving you sustainably.