New Moon Gateway: Our Power

The new moon arriving on Monday, April 8 (exact at 2:21pm, time zone converter)—brings us our annual invitation to walk the Path of Power. The power theme is suggested by the astrological sign of Aries’ association with the Tarot’s Emperor. Emperors are leaders at the head of institutions. They organize and structure. People look to them for [...] Learn more →

New Moon Gateway: Between the Pillars of Certainty and Uncertainty

The March 10th new moon (exact at 5:00am ET, time zone converter) sets on the path of the Moon. The first person we encounter as we walk our way is this guy sitting before a strangely high table with his nine goblets. a 1909 card scanned by Holly Voley and retrieved from Sacred Texts. Deck available from US Games [...] Learn more →

New Moon Gateway: The Alchemy of Hope and Rage

This February 9th the new moon arrives to remind us that renewal is possible (exact at 5:59pm ET, time zone converter ). In the Northern Hemisphere, we’ve just been through the longer solar cycle’s renewal at Winter Solstice. The later arrival of sunset is more and more noticeable each day. The light is not yet abundant but it [...] Learn more →

Full Moon Revelations: Strength to look into the mouth of The Devil

The height of this moonth’s cycle comes with the full moon arriving on Thursday, January 25th (exact at 12:54pm, time zone converter), and offers a revelation about how the lunar energies initiated on the January 11th new moon are developing. The new moon, guided by its association with The Devil, 4 of Pentacles, and King of [...] Learn more →

New Moon Gateway: To Protect What Is Most Important

We live in a time of breakdown of the old making way for the new. But is everything to be surrendered?. The January 11th new moon (exact at 6:57am ET, time zone converter) moves us along the Devil’s pathway through the passage of the 4 of Pentacles counsels to hold on to what is most important. [...] Learn more →

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