Full Moon Revelations: Ancestors Speaking in Flowers

The height of this moonth’s cycle comes with the full moon arriving overnight tonight, the 15th to the 16th (exact at 12:14am ET on the 16th), and offers a revelation about how the lunar energies initiated on the April 30th  new moon are developing. The new moon, guided by its association with the Teacher face [...] Learn more →

Speaking Through Flowers

Wandering along the Mill River pathway in mid-April, I encountered my first flowering Trout Lilies of the season. They raised their yellow petals just above the dead leaf litter on a turning of the path. I paused, then pulled from my notebook one of the handful of Tarot cards I carried.  The Ancestor emerged and [...] Learn more →

Wisdom Wanders

Wisdom Wanders support you to attune to elemental wisdom, articulate the questions that are most important to ask right now, and, within Walking the Ways of the Summer Light, offer a seasonal practice to tend your soul. You can, of course, wisdom wander at any time of year. Also the practice can be modified to be [...] Learn more →

Moonthly Musings and Reading: The Practice of Natural Love

From my e-newsletter introduction –  It’s a new day, it’s a new moon, it’s an eclipse.  Eclipses interrupt the usual dance of the sun, moon, and earth. During an eclipse, a shadow is created by blocking the usual flow of light. Stepping out of the ordinary into this strange light compels us to look again, [...] Learn more →

Full Moon Revelations: Visions of Justice

The height of this lunar cycle comes in the days around the full moon arriving on April 16th (exact at 2:55pm ET), and offers a revelation about how the energies initiated on the April 1st new moon are developing. That new moon, guided by its association with the Three and Queen of Wands invited us [...] Learn more →

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