Moonthly Musings and Reading: Joining the Truth Tellers

The arrival of the new moon stamps the moonth with an initiating energy that shifts and develops through a cycle of growth, fullness, and descent.  Each moonth I look to the Tarot’s astrological correspondences for the new moon to find 3 cards (a Major, a numbered Minor, and a court/people card) to guide musings on [...] Learn more →

Full Moon Revelations: Welcome the strange on the moon of the Moon

The height of this moonth’s cycle comes with a full moon arriving on September 10th (exact at 5:59am ET), and offers a revelation about how the lunar energies initiated on the August 27th new moon are developing. That new moon, guided by its association with the Hermit and the Knight of Pentacles, invited us to embrace, blend, [...] Learn more →

Moonthly Musings and Reading: The Harvest of Our Steady Work

As the season turns, we are nearing a completion here in the Northern Hemisphere. The landscape is green (if a little dulled by drought here in Massachusetts) and the fields full, but growth has slowed. The sounds have shifted; the birds are quieter and the cicadas’ hum solemn. We are turning toward the final harvests. [...] Learn more →

Full Moon Revelations: A Gathering of Stars to Guide Us into the Future

I’m looking at the last week with the eyes of the Spiral of Fortune searching for where, to quote the poet Seamus Heaney, hope and history rhyme. Our Strength moon with its invitation to collective leadership was still young last week, but already showing us its power: Diplomatic negotiations led to first grain shipment leaving [...] Learn more →

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