Sneak Peak at Wisdom of the Tarot

FREE virtual session on Sunday, June 9 at 6pm ET / 3pm PT (time zone converter).  Benebell Wen interviews Mary Greer, Carolyn Cushing, and Terry Iacuzzo about the ingredients they are bringing to mix into this year’s creative cauldron that is the Omega Institute’s Wisdom of the Tarot week held August 5 – 9 in [...] Learn more →

Celebrating Walk Through the Forest of Souls

Rachel Pollack’s Walk Through the Forest of Souls is out! And on May 10th we are celebrating and spreading the word about Walk Through the Forest of Souls being re-issued by Weiser Books. Please join us to create an echo chamber for Rachel and let people know what an amazing book this is!  Ideas for [...] Learn more →

A Cento for Rachel Pollack

The first three days  After a month Forty-nine days  The first anniversary  Nine years of anniversaries  These are all markers of time for accompanying our beloveds after their death. They take us to the burial or memorial service and beyond. We so need the beyond because the honor of mourning and the work of grief [...] Learn more →

Love’s Luck: Two of Cups Encounter

Tarot cards are just bits of paper. As material objects, they don’t have intrinsic power. But their images and symbols as well as the accruing of meaning over centuries can make of them guides and instigators for connecting with the extraordinary, the mythic, the great forces that run under our everyday lives.  On the Saturday [...] Learn more →

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