Waiting with the Dark Week 1: Gratitude

This is the first week of the season-long ritual, Descent and Return of the Light, that takes the Winter Solstice as its hinge. This week we prepare to spend time in the dark of the year and gather materials for our candle wheels; one less candle will be lit each week as we move toward embracing the gifts [...] Learn more →

Waiting with the Dark Gratitude—and Lament—Diary

11/14/20 – Earth It’s the first gratitude day of Waiting with the Dark when we are inspired by the element of earth to appreciate all things physical, natural, solid. Instead of sitting in meditation, I go for a gratitude walk, doing the circuit I did all spring when we were under stay at home orders.  [...] Learn more →

New Moon at Solstice: To renew ourselves in illumination

Our Summer Solstice moment (exact at 5:43pm ET on Saturday, the 20th) with its height of light is followed shortly by the new moon’s emergence in the dark (exact at 2:41am ET on Sunday, the 21st). Dark and light are dancing together at this half-way point of the solar year. They are inviting us to [...] Learn more →

Celebrating the Summer Solstice

Ancient sun, eternally young, giver of life and source of energy, In coal and oil, in plant and wind and tide, in spiritual light and human embrace. You kindle the heavens, you shine within us (for we are suns with hearts afire – we light the world as you light the sky and find clouds [...] Learn more →

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