Six Winter Solstice Celebration Ideas & a Practice for Lament

To celebrate the Winter Solstice you are invited to do what best suits your soul. Some spend the day in solitary quiet. Others gather around celebratory bonfires with many friends and family.  As the Solstices are generally not recognized on public or work calendars, you may have to find ways to work into a day [...] Learn more →

New Moon Gateway: Balancing Death, Healing Dreams

Balancing Death This morning I stood under a tree shedding its leaves. There was no wind. There had been no storm. It just was time and the tree followed a call to release. The release is tethered to hope of spring’s renewal, but who knows what will happen over the winter. The tree must trust into [...] Learn more →

Celebrating the Summer Solstice

Ancient sun, eternally young, giver of life and source of energy, In coal and oil, in plant and wind and tide, in spiritual light and human embrace. You kindle the heavens, you shine within us (for we are suns with hearts afire – we light the world as you light the sky and find clouds [...] Learn more →

Fire Connection – Walking the Ways Week 4

This is the first daily email for our fire-focused week of Walking the Ways of the Summer Light. Emails the rest of the week support: contemplating fire as a natural element and from the Tarot tradition; going out for a wisdom wander in nature with cards in hand; and finding a question that will illuminate the way forward [...] Learn more →

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