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There is no heaven

The white dream waits for me to enter. The rabbit runs through a field of nettles, burdock bends in the wind. I follow, find the room without walls. No boundary, just wild weaving in green stem and white-pin flower along your blue shirted shoulder. We stand there in the where – a dream is always [...]

After the accident – Victor Crossing

Hollow bones of birds may hold the Self sundered from the body. Some hint of light departs from twisted metal to seek the lift of lacy struts tucked up in hawk’s wing.   I have no way of knowing but I saw the red-tail rise from where you died, those Bitterroots can’t have you for [...]

After the storm, after Irene

In some places, silt over loam the death of a field and ferns covered in dulled-silver dust: ghosts caught between the green world and the dead.     In other places, the land stripped to bedrock barely a place for root to take hold soil slipped away and our suppers with it.   In these [...]

Before the Language Comes

                                      Sick of those who come with words but no language                                     I made my way to the snow-covered island                                                                                     Tomas Tranströmer   A language without words forms at seam of earth and sky its first sounds are snow melt   It swirls at edge of day dark and we do not [...]

Now Spring

Something rises from river, the melt, mad movement over rocks spray of water grasps light and winter’s hard rim, last ice ledge, falls in. Is this grief? No, it is the river and you standing at its verge.   Published on Red Rose Review, Spring 2015